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Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "acceptance, improvement, and creation first" to serve the users!


Higashi Yoshida Lead-Environmental Hot Air Reflow Soldering Machine, Model: LY-8 Higashino Yoshida Lead-Free Environmental Double Wave Soldering Machine, Model: LF-350B


What has been created in the process of creating maximum value for customers has been time-tested and has become synonymous with excellence, excellence, and efficiency.


  • Advertising machine
  • With angle adjustment
  • Indoor rental screen series
  • Die-casting Aluminum Cabinets
  • Outdoor rental screen series
  • Indoor fixed installation
Company Culture
From the perspective of social service, we have established a distinctive and unique value system. Honesty, gratitude and responsibility are the company’s core values.
Product Positioning
According to the different characteristics of the domestic and foreign markets, differentiated product alignment, suitable for customer needs
High-precision LED automatic production equipment, clean production plant and complete anti-static system device
The production of LED display screens is sold to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, and is widely used in advertising media, transportation, sports, entertainment, exhibitions and other fields.


  • COMCREATING will attend LEDCHINA2015 at Shanghai New International Expo Center from 16th, Sep to 19th, Sep. Look forward to meeting you there. Booth No.: Hall E3 / Booth B21

  • CNY holiday is upcoming. Our holiday will start from 12th,Feb.2015 to 26th, Feb.2015. If you want us to deliver goods before our holiday, please arrange the payment ASAP so that we can arrange the production soon. The closer to our holiday, the harder to book the container. Pls avoid visiting China during that period. Everything will be busy, including the traffic, customs. You can imagine what the greatest migration of humans should be.

  • We are very lucky to get 3 orders on 31st, Dec.2014: 110.10sqm indoor P4 curver screen, 42.58sqm indoor P3 for fixed installation and 49.77sqm indoor P6 brushed aluminum cabinet, which is a perfect end of 2014. We look into a bright future, 2015 with more orders, with more stable development of company.

  • COMCREATING wishes all of our customers and their family a HAPPY NEW YEAR, new year be filled with more special moments, peace, health and happiness. Meanwhile, we would like to go forward hand in hand with customers, to improve our products, to offer better service in the new year. Your trust and support always is our greatest wealth.

  • Annual meeting before CNY is held on 30th, Jan.2015. Mr.Gan looked back on the past one year and looked forward to the new year. He showed his thanks to all the employees who worked hard for the company in the past one year, and pointed out some shortcomings we need to improve in the coming new year. He made plan for the new year from the annual sales, online advertising, exhibitions, etc, and put forward some requirements to all the departments. After the meeting, we have a raffle and big dinner, everyone enjoyed.

  • We already have booked 2015 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Spring Edition), which will be held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from 6th, April to 9th, April. Booth number is 3C-E34, hoping to meet you over there.


Service Support


1. Our company guarantees that the equipment provided to the demanding party is new, complete and unused.

2. In order to support the operation and maintenance of the contract equipment, our company guarantees that the provided technical data is c


1. Our company appoints professional and technical personnel to install and debug on site according to the needs of users. In the process of installation and commissioning, our technical staff will take absolute responsibility for the equipment and will carry out scientific installation and commissioning in strict accordance with the requirements of the program and the product engineering specifications. If there are special circumstances, we must change some of the installation solutions. Party negotiations to resolve. Our company will completely ensure that the installation and commissioning time is consistent with the agreed time. If delays need to be made due to natural or demand-side human reasons, both parties will negotiate a settlement.

2. Commissioning eligibility criteria: The standards specified in the instructions for use of our company will be used as the standard.

Use training

Our company will provide detailed product specifications, system operating instructions and system maintenance instructions according to the contract list. Users will be trained on the following: system use, system maintenance, and equipment maintenanc


If users find problems that cannot be solved by themselves during the course of their use, they can contact the company directly by telephone, fax, etc. Our company will respond in 8 hours and negotiate solutions with users.

During the warranty period, our company is responsible for the quality of equipment under normal use and storage conditions. If there is a failure due to product quality, our company will repair and replace the parts for free. If it is found that the equipment is not operating properly, the user shall issue a detailed written report to the company explaining the details of the problem.

1. The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

A: Normal wear of equipment and consumable parts.

B: Equipment problem caused by the user's unauthorized modification or improper use of the equipment.

C: Failure or trauma caused by nature or war damage.

2. After the completion of the project, we will continue to maintain the system for life, and continue to perfect the system functions and software upgrades, for the need for additional hardware equipment, only charge for component costs.

3. Regularity of after-sales service: regular maintenance, return visit, solicitation of opinions, improvement of improvement


The company guarantees that the provided equipment and related software, such as disputes with third parties, disputes and the corresponding costs, responsibilities are borne by our factory.